About K8CY

The Ashtabula County Amateur Radio Club is a group of amateur radio operators located in Ashtabula County, Ohio. We dedicate ourselves to all aspects of amateur radio communications, from emergency communications, to social gatherings, to contesting. Our club is open to anyone wanting to learn and participate, regardless of licensing.

The club maintains a repeater which is located in the village of Jefferson, Ohio on a frequency of 146.715 with a PL of 141.3. The repeater can also be reached on Echolink, node N8CT-L. We have a second repeater on a frequency of 442.7125 with a PL of 141.3 - Echolink node K8PEX-L.

Club Officers and Membership

President - Jack Scafuro KC8KEB

Vice President - Mark Wuori N8TCQ

Secretary - Marge Scafuro KC8NAN

Treasurer - Peg Miller N8PEG

Exam Coordinator - Paul Andrews N8NYI

Repeater Trustee - Tom Addair N8CT

Net Control - Sonny Bottorf KD8LHR

Webmaster - Gary Gifford, Jr. K8OBX

Membership to the Ashtabula County Amateur Radio Club is open to anyone interested in any aspect of Amateur Radio and their families. Club dues are $20 per year for a family membership.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please contact one of the officers or come see us in person at one of our events.

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Emergency Operations Trailer

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The trailer in action

The club owns an Emergency Communications trailer to help out in many different situations. It is capable of running on grid power or generator power. There are two fully equipped stations with HF radios and laptops. There are also a number of different antennas on board to suit almost any conditions.

The club regularly exercises with the trailer to make sure that equipment is functional and members are familiar with the equipment.

Silent Keys

The Ashtabula County Amateur Radio Club would like to recognize the former members of our club who are now Silent Keys for their knowledge and foresight to lead us into the future of Amateur Radio.

Norm Nagle - KA8LTE

Ray Neely - KB8OMV

Sam Smith - N8QXQ

John Tivas - KC8KO

Steve Zbinovec, Jr. - KB8MSF

Frank Bernato - W8OXC

Pete Cooper - K8EZJ

Wendel Lipp - KF8OU

Guy Dalton - KC8DGG

Charles Green - WD8QQI

John Hurni - KC8NLW

Ed Wojcik - NZ8D

Art Wolf - W8OOJ

Frank Cicogna - N8GDO

Richard Emerson - W8UDH

Dick Eyajan - K8MVP

Emmett Euype - WU8B

Joe Holowaty - W8JFK

John Johnson - KB8OCE

Joe Lalli - KB8RSP

Butch Lowery - KG8AJ

Dave McKinley - KB8YTA

Steve Phillip - W8AMI

Steve Zbinovec - KB8QS

Bob Woodworth - WD8PVB

Ken Stenback - W8KS

Richard Madison - KC8FNJ