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Field Day 2018 Results

posted Jun 25, 2018, 5:23 PM by Gary Gifford, Jr.
The operating numbers break down as follows:

                Phone contacts:  80m 63, 40m 172 (all N8YFF as usual), 20m 27, 15m 4, and 6m 1

                CW contacts: 40m 14, 20m 47 (A BIG set of kudos to Ray, K3YP, for his efforts

                Digital contacts: 20m 22 (Another solo contribution from Matt, N8OHU)

The operating score with power adjustment is 906 points.  Our points break down this way, CW (61 Q’s x2= 122), Digital (22 Q’s x 2= 44), Phone (287 x 1 =287) for a total of 453.  We have a power multiplier of 2.

                The bonus score claimed is 810. The bonuses include Media publicity, set up in a public space, information booth, site visits by invited supported agency and elected officials, educational activity, youth element (Thank you, CAITLYN!), GOTA (again Caitlyn and also Charlie), and Social Media.  Since we were on commercial power do to the weather situation, I did not put in for the Emergency power bonus.